Why Having a Story is Important for your product?

Abhinav Gupta
2 min readJan 3, 2021


You can have the greatest product of all time, but it isn’t worth it if you can’t tell the story around it.

Most marketers start with jargons like TOFU aka Top of the funnel and sketch out a strategy without even knowing about their product and its messaging.

People love listening to stories and give attention to good stories. People don’t buy the product, they buy the idea behind the product. Stories should be authentic and genuine to work.

Having story around your product takes your target audience a step further by persuading them to care for your product.

Now, People love listening stories and give attention to good stories. But why? I think this boils down to science on one level. When we hear a story our feel good hormone i.e Oxytocin gets a boost. It boosts our feeling of trust, compassion and empathy. This gave stories a power-up to build relationships. According to scientists at Princeton University, when you are told a compelling story your brain reacts as if you are experiencing it yourself. In Indian context, there is a history aged reason too. When we were in childhood we loved listening stories from our grandparents, and somewhere we are conditioned to react to stories emotionally. Hence, We are biologically and Neurologically conditioned to connect with stories.

People don’t buy the product but idea of the product. We human beings are selfish. We want to solve our problems, we see our aspirations and we want our good. We look for the best solution of our problem out there. We search on Internet and now we have X products to choose from. Whom will we choose? One which we connect with ourselves. One which helps us explore a solution and one which helps us achieve our aspirations. Now how can these things be communicated to the customer? It’s the idea of the product i.e the Story of the product.

The story you tell should be honest and authentic. Our human brain is fast at spotting fake things. We can easily tell if a human is faking it or not. So is the case with the story. If the story is fake and can’t be supported with hard claims, the storyline won’t work.

Thus, Great Products also require Great story. Great products don’t sell on their own. They also need an audience to be sold. Thus, gain your audience’s attention by telling them an authentic story and keeping their aspirations in mind.

Thus Building stories for products is important and necessary.

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